You are welcome to book your appointment, your horoscope interpretation (video) or your astro-tarot reading (in writing) directly here.

But of course you can just contact me and we will discuss everything. Quite uncomplicated.
Simply write to or call/text to 0049 151 507 122 23.

If you want to book directly here, you can choose your personal preferred date for talk/therapy appointments (via Zoom).

For the birth chart reading videos and the written tarot readings no appointment is necessary, so you do NOT have to be online at the corresponding time. The date you choose is only a date by which your video or reading will be approximately completed.

Payment via PayPal, or even without a PayPal account as a "PayPal guest" via bank transfer or credit card).

After booking, you will receive a questionnaire or an eMail so that you can describe your topic to me as well as provide the necessary background information.

If necessary, we can have a free meeting in advance (approx. 15 min. via Zoom) and then arrange the appointments personally. In that case, simply contact me.

To get to know me and my way of working a little bit without any risk, you are welcome to book an eMail tarot consultation - free of charge with first consultation.

Online appointment for counseling & therapy (Zoom)

Counseling & Therapy (90 min.)

In a 90-minute appointment, we take more time to discuss the issues and challenges for which you are seeking solutions. Either because it is your first appointment with me, or because you have a complex issue or concern to discuss.

In the case of a coaching or therapy collaboration over several sessions, the first appointment is always scheduled for 90 minutes.

Fee: 165,- EUR
Book your desired date here

Counseling & Therapy (60 min.)

After the first 90-minute appointment, shorter appointments are possible at any time (60 or 30 min.)

A 60-minute appointment is suitable for coaching or therapy over several sessions. But also as a single appointment we can discuss current issues and challenges you are dealing with.

Fee: 110,- EUR
Book your desired date here

Short appointment counseling & therapy (30 min.)

If we already know each other, short "check-in" appointments of only 30 minutes are also possible, e.g. as a progress check (e.g. following therapy or coaching work), or to simply discuss short questions that are important to you at the moment.

Fee: 55,- EUR
Book your desired date here

Psychological birth chart reading on video

Psychological birth chart reading on video incl. Transits (approx. 75 min.)

Analysis of psychological patterns, blockages and backgrounds. General. or focus on issues such as career, relationship and partnership, etc.

Incl. Analysis and interpretation of the current time quality (transits) and their meaning for your current life situation.

You get the video for download as mp4 file or as (anonymized) video on YouTube.
Fee: 132,- EUR
Order your birth chart reading video here (incl. transits)