I am Katharina Hille and besides my long experience in hypnosis & psychotherapy, I use psychological astrology, as well as working with cards (tarot and others) to...

  • ... To counsel you through difficult times to help you regain clarity, direction and purpose in life,
  • ... To support you in your goals, as well as your desire for personal and professional growth,
  • ... Show you ways to understand and resolve triggers for stress and psychosomatic complaints
  • ... Helping them overcome anxiety, depression, or traumatic memories.

    I've been doing that for over 20 years - and counting.


I run a "virtual practice," which means ourappointments always take place online via Zoom app (or by phone, if desired).

This saves you time (no travel).
You save money (no gasoline costs).
And it's less stressful because we're much more flexible in scheduling.

More info on online work here....

What my work is based on

  • Our thinking controls our feeling, as well as our reactions and behavior. Change is always possible when we change our thinking.
  • There are many good methods for this (e.g. hypnotherapy, cognitive change work, parts therapy, solution focused counseling, EFT/FasterEFT, NLP and more).
  • However, the birth chart of each person provides an incredible amount of information about our "inner stage". About our strengths, the challenges we face in life, our past and our possible future.
  • The archetypal images of the Tarot and other cards allows us to access our personal as well as collective unconscious in an easy and playful way - here answers can be found, new perspectives discovered and possible solutions developed.
  • That's why I use not only methods like NLP, hypnosis, coaching techniques and others (not to forget common sense 😉) in every consulting work, but always also the helpful information of the birth chart, as well as the profound work with cards.

This combination makes profound, life-changing development processes and changes possible in a short time.

So that you can get to know me and my work a bit, I offer the following:

  • Free initial consultation (approx. 15 min., via Zoom), this is particularly useful before working closely together over several appointments to get to know each other. Please make an appointment for this(contact details here)
  • Free initial consultation by eMail with tarot cards (or other cards) with consideration of the individual horoscope (if the necessary data is available). Book your free initial consultation here.
    (Offer valid exclusively for the first eMail consultation with cards, thereafter per consultation 35,- EUR).

Creative problem solving and goal achievement

The most common issues I successfully help people with:

  • Overcoming and healing fears, phobias, depression, burn-out or traumatic experiences from the past.
  • Counseling in difficult life situations, such as relationship issues, career issues, family issues and more.
  • Support to better understand yourself, achieve personal goals and develop yourself.

The methods most often used in the process:

  • Hypnosis and psychotherapy
  • Psychological-astrological counseling (also available as video)
  • Psychological-spiritual work with tarot and other cards (also available as eMail-counseling)