6. October 2022

Depression, anxiety and how to overcome them

Many years ago I wrote an article on how hypnotherapy can help with anxiety and depression (\“Why Hypnosis Helps with Anxiety and Depression\”). What I wrote […]
12. July 2022

Astrology and the 10 actors in us

Psychology has been trying to explain and, if necessary, change human experience and behavior for many hundreds of years. Astrology (especially fields such as psychological, archetypal, […]
22. June 2022

Do not think of a pink elephant!

What was going on in your head when you read the headline?I’m sure – you had a big pink elephant in your mind! How do I […]
8. May 2022

Why astrology is not fortune-telling, but can still tell us something about the future

<p>Ich muss etwas gestehen. Obwohl ich mich schon viele Jahre mit<br /> <br /> Astrologie beschäftige und Bücher darüber verschlungen habe wie Bonbons<br /> <br /> […]
6. December 2021

The language of the body – Not so difficult

I was recently contacted by a client who came to see me last year. At that time, we had talked a lot about her physical symptoms […]
8. May 2021

5 ways how psychological astrology can be helpful for you

What is psychological astrology anyway? Psychological astrology works with what psychology and astrology have in common: Both help us to better understand our potentials and challenges […]
23. August 2019

Why astrology fascinates me

When I am asked how I think about astrology, my first thought is that astrology is about recognizing and interpreting energy. I’ll explain how I mean […]
29. April 2018

Hypnotherapy and why the problem is always a solution

Hypnotherapy works. The experience of numerous therapists and coaches proves this, more and more scientific studies also show the high effectiveness of hypnotherapeutic treatment. Nevertheless, unfortunately, […]
29. March 2018

Hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis: how it really works

Whenever new clients come to my practice for hypnotherapy, our work together usually begins with me first explaining what hypnosis is, how this work works, and […]
6. March 2018

Free from fear of flying with hypnosis

Fear of flying prevents the longed-for dream vacation or the important business trip Wet hands, nausea, racing heart, sweating – do you know this? Does the […]
6. February 2018

How hypnosis in emergency services can help accident victims

Often the very mention of hypnosis causes the famous raised eyebrow in many people – they think of hypnosis shows or exaggerated (and completely inaccurate) portrayals […]
2. July 2017

Why hypnosis helps with anxiety and depression

How does it work that hypnosis helps so well with anxiety and depression? What does hypnotherapy have that most other therapies do not? There is a […]
1. July 2017

Why I also like to work with tarot cards

Short form for readers in a hurry: Working with tarot cards has nothing to do with silly fortune telling and hocus-pocus Our future is NOT predetermined. […]