1. July 2017

Why I also like to work with tarot cards

Short form for readers in a hurry: Working with tarot cards has nothing to do with silly fortune telling and hocus-pocus Our future is NOT predetermined. […]
2. July 2017

Why hypnosis helps with anxiety and depression

How does it work that hypnosis helps so well with anxiety and depression? What does hypnotherapy have that most other therapies do not? There is a […]
6. February 2018

How hypnosis in emergency services can help accident victims

Often the very mention of hypnosis causes the famous raised eyebrow in many people – they think of hypnosis shows or exaggerated (and completely inaccurate) portrayals […]
6. March 2018

Free from fear of flying with hypnosis

Fear of flying prevents the longed-for dream vacation or the important business trip Wet hands, nausea, racing heart, sweating – do you know this? Does the […]