23. August 2019

Why astrology fascinates me

When I am asked how I think about astrology, my first thought is that astrology is about recognizing and interpreting energy. I’ll explain how I mean […]
8. May 2021

5 ways how psychological astrology can be helpful for you

What is psychological astrology anyway? Psychological astrology works with what psychology and astrology have in common: Both help us to better understand our potentials and challenges […]
8. May 2022

Why astrology is not fortune-telling, but can still tell us something about the future

<p>Ich muss etwas gestehen. Obwohl ich mich schon viele Jahre mit<br /> <br /> Astrologie beschäftige und Bücher darüber verschlungen habe wie Bonbons<br /> <br /> […]
12. July 2022

Astrology and the 10 actors in us

Psychology has been trying to explain and, if necessary, change human experience and behavior for many hundreds of years. Astrology (especially fields such as psychological, archetypal, […]