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Our cooperation usually consists of a combination of hypnosis and psychotherapy, psychological counseling and coaching .

We use the psychological-astrological information of your horoscope, as well as if it fits also the creative possibilities of the work with picture cards(tarot or other cards).
What we focus on is determined by your topic and everything else you bring to the collaboration.

  • 90-minute appointment (165,- EUR), e.g. for
    • Initial appointment, one-on-one counseling, one-on-one coaching, or for therapeutic work, initial history or intensive appointment.
    • In case of only astrological work: Initial appointment for psychological birth chart interpretation (general personality analysis or regarding specific questions on topics such as career, relationships, health, family, children, etc.): Strengths/weaknesses profile, karmic patterns and life path analysis.
  • 60-minute appointment (110,- EUR), e.g. for
    • General follow-up consultations (i.e., when we've already had appointments together) or regular coaching or therapy appointments.
    • Here we can also discuss current topics and events, taking into account the current astrological influences.
      This can be very helpful to see difficult situations or phases of life from a completely different perspective and to recognize the possible meaning behind it (only possible if we already had at least one 90-minute appointment for horoscope interpretation).
  • 30-minute appointment (55,- EUR), e.g. for
    • Progress monitoring (e.g., after we have had a few coaching/therapy sessions together and our collaboration is coming to an end).
    • 30-minute appointments are also suitable to discuss short questions about topics or developments that are important for you at the moment (only possible if we already had a 90-minute appointment for horoscope interpretation).
  • Birth chart reading on video:
    If you are curious about my offer for Astrological Reading Videos (a bit cheaper than consultation appointments and by the way also a great idea for an unusual gift!), you can find more info here

  • Counseling with Tarotcards by eMail (35,- EUR):
    If you have questions or are looking for solutions for a topic - then the "Counseling with Tarotcards" via eMail (with tarot or other cards) can also be very helpful and informative. More info here.


  • All appointments are to be paid in advance (bank transfer or PayPal), payment received at least 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Unfortunately, the fee cannot be settled with the statutory health insurance companies.
  • I bill my therapy services according to (German) GebüH, therefore the costs are usually reimbursed in full or in part by private health insurance or supplementary health insurance.

There is nothing more important than our good health.
This is our main capital investment

Arlen Specter