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A) First appointment (via Zoom or similar):
Psychological counseling and therapy, astro-psychological horoscope interpretation, Tarot and / or Lenormand card reading
Duration usually 1-2 hours, cost 180, - EUR.

B) All other consulting appointments ( via Zoom or similar):
depending on your request and how we work between 30 and 90 minutes
Charge by time at an hourly rate of 55,- EUR per 30 minutes.

C) Psychological interpretation of your horoscope on video
Psychological horoscope interpretation on video (approx. 50 min.) = 88,- EUR
Psychological birth chart reading on video incl. Transits (approx. 75 min.) = 132,- EUR
Interpretation children horoscope on video (approx. 40 min.) = 66,- EUR

D) Astro-Tarot consultation (written)
With the help of astro-tarot consulting we will find answers to important questions in your life. The combination of the psychological information of your horoscope with the ideas and hints of the tarot cards (Lenormand cards if needed) makes this form of consultation very deep and intensive.
You will receive the consultation in writing in pdf format, length approx. 5-10 pages for 49,- EUR
Here you can download a sample consultation.

E) Coaching or accompaniment for 3 months via eMail
Kickstart session (1-2 hrs. via Zoom or similar): 160,- EUR (may be omitted if we have already worked together)
+ eMail coaching (3 months, 2 emails per week): 297,- EUR
incl. 10% discount on all additional booked online appointments (optional) during these 3 months.
More info here:


  • All appointments are to be paid in advance (bank transfer or PayPal), payment received at least 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Unfortunately, the fee cannot be settled with the statutory health insurance companies.
  • I bill my therapy services according to (German) GebüH, therefore the costs are usually reimbursed in full or in part by private health insurance or supplementary health insurance.

There is nothing more important than our good health.
This is our main capital investment

Arlen Specter