Via online app from your PC, laptop,tablet or smartphone

For a long time now, I have offered online appointments (via video app, mostly Zoom) in addition to my in-office work. In fact, through the Corona pandemic, this type of collaboration was often the only way to continue to support you during lockdown times.

The experiences I had with online work during this time were so positive that after almost 20 years of successful work in my beautiful practice in Neckarsulm, Germany, I decided to focus entirely on online counseling and therapy.
Because what was initially a necessary evil in pandemic times turned out to be wonderfully uncomplicated, convenient and extremely flexible for both me and the clients. This way I can be there for you even better and also support more people who live at a greater distance from me....

Whether it is about hypnosis and psychotherapy appointments, advice and support in difficult life situations (private or professional), whether you need support in achieving your goals - all this is easily and conveniently possible via online collaboration.


Just contact me and arrange a free get-to-know-you meeting (about 15 minutes).


What software do I need for this?

Depending on the app we are working with (MS Teams, Zoom), all you need is a corresponding small app. Once you click on the invitation link I send you before our session, you can install it quickly and easily with one click. On PC, cell phone or tablet.
Otherwise, you need a quiet room where you are undisturbed, stereo headphones, and an Internet connection that is as stable as possible (ideally via LAN cable instead of WLAN).

Does hypnosis or EMDR work online?

Absolutely! My own experiences working with colleagues from the US, have also shown me from a client perspective how well a hypnosis session works this way. And how exceedingly convenient that is. Other things (EMDR treatment, EMDR-like techniques, FasterEFT, etc.) are also possible without any problems, since Corona has also led to a proliferation of the corresponding offers (e.g. good apps for online EMDR)

Counseling & Therapy Online

For all those who like it uncomplicated.