Psychological astrology allows us to make a detailed analysis of your birth chart, the information obtained can be a very helpful tool for change. Because your birth chart tells a lot about you, such as:

  • Your strengths and talents and how you can best use them.
  • Things about yourself that you can't (or won't) see before and how you can change them.
  • Key challenges or roadblocks you are dealing with and how to deal with them.
  • Certain areas of life that are particularly important to you.
  • Issues from the past and your childhood that still have an impact on you today.
  • Professional issues that can be helpful.
  • Things to keep in mind in relationships.
  • And much more.

Why this is helpful?
Mainly because it speeds things up. This information creates clarity. You can more quickly see where you can change things, where you should take advantage of opportunities, and what causes or triggers lie behind many of your problems and issues.

This is especially helpful when working with anxiety and depression, because working on these issues is often difficult or lengthy, because they are usually very complex issues that can have many causes. When only behavioral therapy is used, the deeper causes of depression or anxiety are often not addressed. Therefore, the successes here are often quite modest.

Or depth psychology is used - but finding possible causes and triggers is complicated and lengthy.

The horoscope can help in both cases: It can give us a variety of clues about the backgrounds and causes of depression and anxiety. At the same time, it can also show us resources, that is, strengths and abilities that you have and that you can use to make positive changes in your life.

The analysis of your birth chart can be done during a counseling appointment, but is also available from me as a video created individually for you. Such a video has many advantages: you can watch it in a concentrated way and take notes on it. Of course, you can always look at it again. And it's also a little less expensive than a counseling appointment.

No one who has ever given his best,
later regretted it.

George Halas


If you request an online appointment, I always take into account the astrological information (if available). If you would like to have a special astrological consultation (i.e. analysis of your birth chart, if desired also with consideration of the current transits), please contact me beforehand or indicate this when booking your appointment.

You can easily order a birth chart interpretation on video on my booking page. Such a video has the advantage that you can fully concentrate on the corresponding horoscope information and watch the video again and again if necessary.
A video birth chart interpretation is also less expensive than an online appointment (of course, it can also be combined with online work) and can be ordered directly here on the booking page.