What clients say about their experience with me

The older entries still refer to the time before the Online work - acupuncture, of course, I no longer offer in the meantime.

Google rating of a client from Slovakia for 3 months coaching by eMail, March 2023

I definitely recommed therapeutic and also astrology work of Mrs. Katharina. Through our 3 months collaboration she helped me to change the look at the world, especially by more positive outlook on life. Now I'm more happy with my life, I see the past as the learning point and I can change the "saboteur" inside me for more beneficial thoughts and that goes almost automatically now after some training.

I had also card reading from Katharina which was perfectly spot on and I rezonated with everything what was said.

Mrs. Katharina Hille is great professional in everything she does Either coaching, cards or astrology. Big thank you for your support during last 3 months. 😊❤

Feedback of a client from London on a written tarot consultation March 2023, Translated by me

Ms. Hille answered my questions comprehensively, she went above and beyond with all the many details and helpful advice.

The counseling gave me many ideas and insights on how to better deal with my situation. I felt like everything she wrote to me was from a caring friend rather than a yes actually complete stranger because everything fit me and my situation so perfectly.

I am really very grateful to Mrs. Hille for her help. Many, many thanks.
She is talented and has a great gift!

Rating on jameda for the creation of an astro video, Dec. 2022

Ms. Hille quickly understood my problems and also helped me really quickly. The astro-video was very interesting for me and I found myself very often. My conclusion: Ms. Hille is very competent and provides good assistance in overcoming a crisis on her own.

Client feedback after several sessions regarding stress and anxiety, Dec. 2022

We will still be working together for a while, but I would still like to tell you that working together helps me a lot and that our talks are very important to me.
The relaxation hypnoses were wonderful, but I was especially impressed by the combination of astrology and therapy - it was really amazing how quickly they figured out what made me tick and what was really behind my symptoms. Now I have regained my courage and have high hopes that I can finally "get going" in the new year.
Therefore, at this point already a big thank you :-)

Feedback from a client from New Zealand on a written tarot consultation, Dec. 2022

I'd like you to know that I was a bit shocked when I first read what you had written, Katarina, but after thinking about it and reflecting on what you said, I realised it showed a lot of insight into what is going on with me at the moment. It has been very helpful to my thought processes - so thank you.

I'm really impressed with this reading, Katarina. I think you have a real talent for interpreting the cards.
Thank you so much for doing this reading for me.
It was very thorough and just what I needed at this time.

Excerpts from a client's eMail about a written tarot consultation, Dec. 2022

I read your advice immediately. Everything is just coherent.
I am very surprised.
You helped me a lot with your advice.
I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful advice !

eMail from a client about a horoscope interpretation on video, Nov. 2022

Good morning dear Mrs. Hille,
From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for my horoscope. It absolutely applies to me. It's amazing how many facets there are and what all plays together. I am so flashed and impressed and can see myself today with different eyes and have understanding for my actions, you have shown me very clearly that so many things were put in my cradle and that is my learning path and also what I bring from previous incarnations and may clean up. I definitely believe in it.
All the time I feel so much unresolved and although I am permanently in search, I came to no denominator let alone a solution. Sure now I also understand the background.
Peace and stillness also always pops up in my medi and again during the day .
Also the topic with my mother fits, as a child I took responsibility very early, because she was always sick and depressed. Even today there is something between us. I'll definitely look at that topic again, too. Also was never taken or seen for "serious" either, so that's totally true as well.
All around all topics, especially my THINKING I will work on, that is definitely the biggest challenge, because the head plabbers and plabbers........
I sat up late into the night taking notes and your advice to do this regularly I will take.
In any case, it is very informative and definitely a great enrichment if you are looking for yourself 😊.
Many thanks for that.
I'm getting back in touch for a chart for my kids.
Until then all love
Best regards ☀️

eMail from a client, Nov. 2022

Dear Katharina,

Thank you so much for taking your time to do a free reading for me, I'm so grateful for your help and guidance, I cannot thank you enough. You did such a long and in depth reading for me, I'm deeply touched by your help. Thank you so much for also doing my birth chart, I find that also very helpful.

Your reading is 100% accurate, so spot on that I'm blown away. I love how you pulled the cards so we could look at it from all perspectives, you are spot on in how you describd me ( I will look for the book you recommended).

I find your reading very helpful and will follow it's advice as I try to move forward, I will keep coming back to it for support and encouragement.

Again, thank you so much from all my heart for helping me and doing such long reading for me, it was a pleasure talking to you and to have your guidance, you are giving me a path to follow and I'm very grateful.

What I most valued or appreciated about this reading is how long and in depth the reading was, full of guidance and advice I can follow to better myself and my life, also how kind, supportive and compassionate you are, it felt like talking to a long time friend.

Wishing you all the best ❤️

Client feedback via eMail from Oct. 2022

Thank you very much for the impressive and fast tarot card consultation. I am deeply touched and have the feeling you have spoken, read from within me, my thought patterns, blockages. This exactly describes my inner life, my feelings, thoughts and blocks. Wow, just wow.

Thank you very much.

eMail from a client v. 27.09.2022

Thank you for the detailed birth chart interpretation. The video opened my eyes about many things, some things suddenly make much more sense now and I understand many things in my relationship better now. Thank you very much.

eMail from a client v. 18.07.2022

Very satisfied

I am very satisfied with your work. You helped me a lot not only with the email coaching. Even before that, I could always turn to you when I was feeling bad. They always knew immediately what would help me best. Thank you for your support!

Google Rating March 2022

Simply great!!
Mrs. Hille helped me a lot with many things. Through various conversations and exercises, my eyes were opened in many ways. I have only benefited from the sessions!

Google rating Sept. 2021

I am very grateful to Mrs. Hille🙏 I know many types of therapy, but no one has ever supported me so much to get to the bottom of the cause.
Mrs. Hille always has an open ear, you can write to her at any time and she helps. Upon request, she has included a mediation that suits me and I use it with great pleasure.

Rating on jameda.de v. 10.03.2022

In the best of hands

I feel I am in the best of hands with Ms. Hille. She has already helped me improve tremendously in the few weeks we have been working together. The conversations with her are honest, very pleasant and constructive to me. Their way of working is very effective. Anyone who wants to work on themselves to tackle their major or minor problems is in the best hands with Ms. Hille.

Rating on jameda.de v. 22.12.2021

Sympathetic and competent work - online!
I would like to express my sincere thanks for our cooperation I felt that my request was respectfully accepted. Mrs. Hille is a sympathetic and competent alternative practitioner. I felt very comfortable, even though it was online. With the help of the tools that Ms. Hille gave me, I quickly came to a very good point of well-being, which led me into a good body balance myself. Thank you very much and if necessary gladly again on an appointment.
Rating on Jameda.com from 06.06.2021
Individual support and always approachable
Ms. Hille combines various disciplines with classical therapy approaches, which definitely provides exciting impulses. The online client system facilitates the cooperation immensely, as one can exchange information quickly and easily. Despite Corona, sessions and even trance/hypnosis could be done via Zoom, everything went very smoothly overall. Another plus point is that Ms. Hille is available practically at all times and always responds to inquiries etc. at very short notice.

However, you should definitely be willing to "cooperate" and actively participate during the entire therapy. After an initial "getting used to" period (also with the online client system), it worked quite well for me and I am satisfied with the results so far.

Other positive aspects:

- Appointments are also possible in the evenings and on weekends (at least that was my experience so far during Corona, when meetings were exclusively digital via Zoom)

- Ms. Hille always tries to keep an eye on the treatment costs as well
Rating on Jameda.com from 01.06.2021
Very satisfied, recommended
Mrs. Hille has helped me very much with my problem, I am very satisfied. She is very friendly, helpful and has different solutions ready......
N. from USA (Tarot reading)
- Thank you very much for the tarot reading, you really answered my question completely with it. And I would also like to say that your text was also a very pleasant read, very intuitive.

In doing so, you have given me information and insight that I needed so that I now know what I can do to move forward.

I also really liked the fact that you also gave specific tips, such as the Abraham Hicks videos, the Byron Katie quote, and keeping a "Happy Journal." These were all very thoughtful additions to the actual Tarot interpretation and that made me feel like I was really understood here.

Thank you very much for this. 💗
Jameda.com rating from 10/28/2019
Alternative practitioner for all cases
I felt very comfortable and in good hands with Ms. Hille from day 1. She takes all patients' "problems" very seriously and looks at what treatment is appropriate to achieve good results and solutions. Ms. Hille always makes it feasible to offer timely appointments and also has fair and affordable prices (which is not a given anymore!) I am glad to have found such a competent, empathetic and authentic alternative practitioner. I can only recommend her... (which I have already done among friends and family) Meanwhile, many friends and family members of mine go there and all are very satisfied.
Mrs. A. from Brackenheim (FasterEFT, bioresonance treatment, birth preparation with acupuncture)
Also in this way I can only say THANK YOU.
I firmly believe that I would not be where I am today without her help!
Started with the Faster EFT treatment, which to this day still allows me to rise above things. Followed by the bioresonance therapy which improved my well-being and thyroid values within a very short time. last but not least, we had acupuncture. My goal was a quick relaxed birth and if you can even say that for a birth, we achieved it. The first contraction came at 11:58 and by 4:33 our little bug was here. I am sure that acupuncture has contributed its necessary part. I am already looking forward to possibly more sessions as needed.
Mr. S. from Oedheim (Hypnotherapy)
I continue to be very satisfied with your treatment and can tell you that I felt well taken care of in "your hands" at all times. My original "problem" - the blushing - has not completely disappeared, however, I feel significantly strengthened in my self-confidence, so that I can blush significantly less often and generally feel more confident about myself. Hypnosis was a great experience for me and I can say with conviction that it works!
Mrs. W. from Bretzfeld (individual consultation)
I "only" went to her for a one-time consultation, but the conversation really helped me sort out the clutter in my head for once. Now the things that were so complicated for me before suddenly don't look so insurmountable. The astrological info you gave me was surprising, but somehow still coherent and also helpful. I now feel stronger again and able to deal with things and still remain calm. Thanks for this!
Mrs. U. from Lehrensteinsfeld (laser acupuncture)
I suffer from a severe autoimmune disease and in addition to conventional medical treatment with very aggressive medications, I have been treated with laser acupuncture for some time now. At the beginning my values measured with AcuGraph were really bad and now after a few months of treatment, they are almost perfect. I feel much better physically and psychologically overall and I am sure that this has also alleviated the side effects of the drug treatment. For me, unfortunately, there is probably no cure, but there is strengthening. The side effects of the medication were severe: hair loss, dizziness, sweating, depression and others. All of that is almost gone. Since autoimmune diseases are also associated with stress and TCM or acupuncture is stress reducing, I believe it also helps me with symptoms and prevents relapses.
Mr. U. from Erlenbach (laser acupuncture)
Mrs. Hille thank you very much for your support. My knee pain is completely gone and the evaluations I got from you were very interesting.
Mrs. K. from Willsbach (laser acupuncture)
I am very satisfied. I felt comfortable in your office and although I have tried so many other things before, the migraines have actually become much much weaker now after 6 treatments. It's actually just a normal headache now and then, which I can relieve normally with aspirin if needed. Thank you!
Mrs. P. from Bad Wimpfen (regression in hypnosis)
Mrs. Hille, thank you very much for your support! You have been very instrumental in moving us forward on our life's journey! Something great is planned for next year: [....]! I look forward to more exciting hours with you!
Mrs. T. from Weinsberg (past life regression in hypnosis)
Hello Mrs. Hille,
The past life regression was worth the experience and it still continues. My husband said that since the session I sleep peacefully at night.also I am inwardly calmer and more relaxed. In any case, I want to repeat it, because it is good for me and my family. Thank you.
Mr. T. from Gundelsheim (Hypnotherapy)
Dear Ms. Hille, I came to you for treatment because of stress, burn-out and back pain . And I'm not quite sure why that is - but I feel much calmer than I did before, and I can handle the stress at work much better now . The painhas also become much better . The fact that we then did a past life regression in the last session was somewhat unexpected for me, but it was a really exciting and also helpful experience. Thank you for everything.
Mrs. K. from Flein (Hypnotherapy)
The most important topic why I was with you, seems to be no longer an issue for me currently... I hope this remains so.... Your treatment regarding my feelings about my ex-boyfriend seems to have worked... I don't know why, maybe just because a neutral person listened and chose self-evident words.... What has caused even neutral and absolutely honest to look at the situation and to draw my own conclusions...

I would recommend her... with the note on the above (she had not liked the dog in the practice and the facility)....
Thank you for your help so far Mrs. Hille!!! I am definitely a big step ahead thanks to you.
Mrs. D. K. to her first AcuGraph report:
Thank you ......and crazy, but the red bars are really so the symptoms and problem areas where just exist.
The illustration with the spine fits like perfectly.

Am already very excited about my next appointment!
Mrs. P. K. from Bietigheim (smoking cessation with hypnosis and acupuncture):
I went to you to quit smokingand it really worked great - I am actually living smoke-free now.
And although I still like to smell it when others smoke - I don't do it myself anymore and that doesn't even require much willpower. I just don't like it anymore.
Ms. M. from Heilbronn (hypnosis and psychotherapy):
I always liked the appointments with you, Ms. Hille, because they gave me new ideas and I was suddenly able to take a completely different view or a new perspective. Even though I sometimes resisted at first, you still persisted and didn't give up. This makes it easier for me to admit some things to myself.

I also really liked the classic hypnosis sessions - it's like being in another world and you also get techniques that you can always use for yourself later. I often think about the things I experienced in the sessions and that is always very helpful. That's why I can now deal with many everyday situations that were previously a problem for me much more calmly .

Mrs. P. from Thuringia (laser acupuncture):
I am doing well so far. The two treatments in your office did me good. The discomfort in the hands (tingling, 3 snapping fingers) as well as in the big toe area (sometimes pain) is not gone yet, but much better.

In the hope that everything will be all right again, you also have to try out a few things.
I am very satisfied with your treatment, especially that you take a lot of time and your harmonious, competent appearance.
I would love to have more treatments with you when I am back with my family near your office.

Until then, I wish you a good time.